When Shale Maps Pro – Home of Shale Oil Canvas Maps – was started, we sought to capture the data analysis, distinctive artwork, and beauty of Shale Oil Maps and Energy-related maps.  The maps are produced in a series of hi-quality canvas prints (rolled and boxed). Our passion for the oil industry led us to create these products to share with energy enthusiasts, individual and institutional investors alike. We hope you enjoy these prints as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

The need for data accurate, high-quality, high-resolution Shale Oil canvas maps are perfect for independent energy investors, clients, executives, business partners, and financial officers. At Shale Maps Pro, we take great pride in providing our clients with visually stunning and data accurate Shale Oil and Energy Maps.  Our products are a work of art and an essential investment tool that you’ll be proud to display in your home or office.

We are thrilled to offer Vintage Oil Maps, State and US Pipeline Maps, State and US Railroad Maps, Old Drilling Rig Maps, U.S Natural Gas Flare Maps, Bakken & Three Forks Maps and our Eagle Ford Shale Maps.  Based on feedback, we have many projects that we are currently working on and we are looking forward to launching those in the next couple months.

Please click on Custom Branding to explore the possibility of having your logo on these great maps.  It is a fabulous way to differentiate your business and bring your brand to the next level.

To save money, competitors often use cheap alternatives to solid wood stretcher bars such as particle board which is engineered wood manufactured from wood chips and sawdust, or high-density fiberboard which is also an engineered wood product that essentially feels like cardboard.  Another way competitors cut framing costs is by using solid wood that is very thin or starts thick but curves in to be thin.

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